BW Scott

It all started when...

I had just finished graduate school in the Northeast, keen on making a quick impact in the sector of education as a history teacher. It took a year to find a full-time position. Thus, during the layover, I did what any self-respecting man would do and became a supervisor at K-mart. That's right, supervisor. I worked hard and soon enough had the necessary funds to purchase a camera, all the while living in a small room in my parent's home. This first camera was my gateway into the work which I produce today.

Since then, I have worn various hats as an educator, a manager of a soccer program on the Upper East Side of NYC, and now as a professional videographer and photographer at a private school in Pennsylvania. Life can be weird. I love it.

Please feel free to reach out to me and begin a conversation. My style is somewhat informal, as my life has been fairly here and there. Let us talk and let us make art without pressure.